4th Biennial Central Time Ceramics

Heuser Art Gallery and Hartmann Center Gallery
Exhibition: February 27 – March 28, 2014
Reception: February 27, 5:00-7:00pm

This exhibition is the fourth installment of the biennial juried exhibition of ceramic artwork, Central Time Ceramics.  The show brings together ceramic artwork from across the Central Time Zone to a city not only centrally located but also commonly associated with the central United States: Peoria, Illinois. Assembled in Peoria at the Bradley University Galleries are 60 ceramic works by 36 artists living and working in the Central Time Zone. From Minnesota to Texas, the locales represented are as varied as each artist’s aesthetic, yet the level of craftsmanship and innovation remains high throughout.

“Central” often refers to being in the middle, inferring sameness or mediocrity, yet the multiplicity of styles, methods and materials in this exhibition is anything but.  Don Pilcher, a distinguished ceramicist with over 50 years of experience has superbly selected a diverse group of work full of color, technical expertise, and experimentation. This exhibition may be centrally located yet it depicts the Central Time Zone as a multifarious region including diverse perspectives on the materials, methods, and styles of contemporary ceramic art. Bradley University Galleries is proud to announce the following artists will be exhibiting in the 4th Biennial Central Time Ceramics juried exhibition;

Stuart Asprey
John Beckelman
Jill Birschbach
Eric Bosch
Leah Bowring
Gratia Brown
Keith Carter
Wangling Chou
Trisha Coates
Sarah Degarmo
Marko Fields
Kate Fisher
Delores Fortuna
Verne Funk
Erin Furimsky
John Gargano
Matthew Groves
Eric Heerspink
Eric Hoefer
James Klueg
Robert Kokenyesi
Chris Kukla
Virginia Mckinney
Matthew Mitros
Brian Molanphy
Kate Nelson
Nila Petty
John-Thomas Richard
Reid Schoonover
Justin Schortgen
Allen Tindle
Lars Voltz
Michael Ware
Niko Weissenberger
Dustin Yager
Lisa York

Image: Eric Hoefer, Constructed Teapot, 2013

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