I saw the light was on – Mie Kongo

Heuser Art Gallery
October 1 – November 9, 2012
Reception: October 18, 6-6:30pm

An installation by ceramic artist Mie Kongo will be on display in Heuser Art Gallery October 1 – November 9, 2012.  A reception for the exhibition will take place Thursday, October 18th, 5:00-6:30pm.  The Chicago based artist developed this body of work while in residence at the European Ceramic Work Center in the Netherlands.

“My recent group of work from EKWC responds to the experience of being in and seeing a new environment.   I collected objects that drew my attention; these objects had a previous purpose or were part of a prior process and sometimes discarded.  I saw them in a new way, from a different point of view and transformed them into something different.”

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Sense of Place – Photographs by Mikhael Antone

Hartmann Center Gallery

October 1 – November 6, 2012
Reception: October 4, 5-6:30

Sense of Place, a series of photographs by Indiana artist Mikhael Antone will be on display in Hartmann Center Gallery October 1 – November 6, 2012.  A reception for this exhibition will be held October 4th, 5:00-6:30pm in the Hartmann Center Gallery.

“A Sense of Place speaks to our hopes, dreams and sense of identity based on place. The childhood landscape generally is thought to produce a primal landscape that one completely identifies with thus comparing further ideas of place in one’s future. When we are young we attach ourselves and become emotionally involved in these spaces. Places take on personality and identity. Memories get locked into these places even though they are of a different time.

In the series “Sense of Place” I focus on the spaces from my childhood. I photograph them as I try to remember a different time and place. I explore that sense of identity and coming of age within a particular landscape. I look for the emotions in the landscape and explore how these spaces have become almost stuck in their own past.” – Mikhael Antone

To learn more about the work of  Indiana photographer Mikhael Antone, visit her website at;

Redefining the Multiple – 13 Japanese Printmakers

Heuser Art Gallery
June 4 – August 30, 2012

Lecture: Sam Yates, Curator – August 30th, 5:00pm, Horowitz Auditorium – Global Communications Center
Reception: August 30th, 6:00 – 7:30pm, Heuser Art Gallery

Originating at The University of Tennessee Knoxville, Redefining the Multiple was curated by printmaker Hideki Kimura, of Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan and Sam Yates, Director of the Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This exhibition features the work of 13 contemporary Japanese Printmakers, representing a diverse group of men and women ranging from early 20s through late 60s living and working in Japan. The featured artists utilize in their work printmaking techniques that widely range from sculpture, digital technology, installation, to traditional processes.

This exhibition has been made possible by the support of the Bradley University Intellectual and Cultural Activities Committee and Illinois Arts Council.

BFA Exhibitions

Prairie Center of the Arts
April 11 – May 12, 2012

Theresa Stoodley, Hillary Ray, Jacob Weise
BFA Exhibition: April 11th-15th
Reception: April 14th, 5:00-7:00pm

Damon Taylor, Theresa Moir, Vasiliki Tsagarakis
BFA Exhibition: April 19th-22nd
Reception: April 21st, 5:00-7:00pm

Amber Cancino, Marty Gniech, Christine Montgomery
BFA Exhibition: April 26th-May 2nd
Reception: April 28th, 5:00-7:00pm

Rachel Sylvan, Sarah Scott, Melissa Ritchey
BFA Exhibition: May 7th-12th
Reception: May 11th, 5:00-7:00pm

Prairie Center of the Arts
1506 SW Washington Street
Peoria, IL 61602

Gallery Hours: M-F, 10am-4pm

More information on Prairie Center of the Arts

MFA Thesis Exhibitions

An exhibition of graduate thesis work by Sara Stewart, Sarah Zaleski, and Kristopher Meyers will take place in Heuser Art Gallery May 1st-13th, 2012.

A reception will be held May 4th, 6:00pm-8:00pm in the Heuser Art Gallery.
Type & Space – Kris Meyers

Disorder – Sara Stewart

Recall N 41.203621 W -89.829914
Sarah Zaleski

MA Thesis Exhibition

An exhibition for the MA thesis work of David Smit will be on display in Hartmann Center Gallery May 2nd-13th, 2012.

The reception for this exhibition will be held May 4th, 5:00pm-7:00pm at Hartmann Center Gallery.

The Smalls, Paintings by Nina Rizzo

Hartmann Center Art Gallery

March 29 – April 27, 2012

Reception: March 29th, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Rizzo’s paintings are equal part fact and fiction. Using her direct experience with a place, event or object as a catalyst, she abstracts, invents and explores new realities in painted space and form. Rizzo imagines places unseen or hybrid spaces, creating a world that is full of wonder and possibility. Her use of exaggerated color, fluid brush strokes, and spatial ambiguities reveal sensual environments where interiors and exteriors collide and our notion of reality is questioned.

– Stephanie McMahon, Curator, Perceiving Place, 2010



3rd Biennial Central Time Ceramics

Heuser and Hartmann Galleries
February 27 – March 23, 2012

Lecture by Central Time Ceramics Juror, Delores Fortuna
Date: March 1st, 5:00pm
Horowitz Auditorium, Global Communications Center
Reception: March 1st, 6:00-7:30pm

This exhibition is the third installment of the biennial juried exhibition of ceramic artwork, Central Time Ceramics. Produced by Bradley University this exhibition has been generously funded in part by Robert Freeland.  The show brings together ceramic artwork from across the Central Time Zone to a city not only centrally located but also commonly associated with the central United States: Peoria, Illinois. Assembled in Peoria at the Bradley University Galleries are 55 ceramic works by 37 artists living and working in the Central Time Zone. From Minnesota to Texas, the locales represented are as varied as each artist’s aesthetic, yet the level of craftsmanship and innovation remains high throughout.

“Central” often refers to being in the middle, inferring sameness or mediocrity, yet the multiplicity of styles, methods and materials in this exhibition is anything but. Delores Fortuna, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Ceramics at the SAIC has superbly selected a diverse group of work full of color, technical expertise, and experimentation. This exhibition may be centrally located yet it depicts The Central Time Zone as a multifarious region including diverse perspectives on the materials, methods, and styles of contemporary ceramic art. Bradley University Galleries is proud to announce the following artists will be exhibiting in the 3rd Biennial Central Time Ceramics juried exhibition;

Zach Balousek
Amanda Barr
Bo Bedilion
Jill Birschbach
David Bogus
Eric Bosch
Keith Carter
G E Colpitts
Kelly Cox
William Cravis
Audra Darbyshire
Angela Dieffenbach
Daniel Gardner
John Gargano
Kelly Kessler
Tim Kowalczyk
Chris Kukla
Cassandra Lawlor
Chris Leonard
Hollie Lyko
Laura Marmash
Eric Mullis
Kate Nelson
Tybre Newcomer
Sheryl Paulson
Nila Petty
Don pilcher
Megan Quinn
William Rimel
Tammie Rubin
Jessica Smith
Mike Stumbras
Sarah Teasley
Julia Timm
Kelsie Ward
Jennifer White
Sarah Zaleski

Update: Central Time Ceramics Award Winners
1st Place – Kate Nelson
2nd Place – Keith Carter
3rd Place – Angela Dieffenbach

Honorable Mentions:
Kelsie Ward
Jill Birschbach

Image: Keith Carter, Spacil-Phylum Cnidaria IV