Juror Statement

Tyanna J. Buie, College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI

“Since the first person scratched out an image in stone or drew a line in the dirt, humans have attempted to record, communicate, calculate, locate, and ponder their existence through the seemingly simple act of Mark Making.”

-Artist, Gilda Snowden   

The Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition is a representation of contemporary artists working in the field of printmaking and drawing who’s work demonstrates traditional/non-traditional, hybrid, mixed-media processes, and unique approaches to imagery, mark making, and various concepts that are captured on a given substrate.   

As a 2008 Alumni of the Bradley International and Drawing Exhibition, it is an honor and privilege to be invited to select the work for this year’s competition.  The work selected ascribes to a multitude of ways of creating, such as rigor and labor, attention to detail, reckless abandon, intensive planning, finite execution, to produce works that is one-of-kind, editions, and multiples, which are all ingredients that make my job as juror extremely difficult when narrowing down the number works presented. Therefore, my strategy for this year’s competition was to consider the ways in which each work is set apart beyond quality and technique, by capturing intimacy, emotion, and its aura, as well as how the work asks questions of the viewer.  I also considered how the selected works intrinsically link meaning to one another for the formation of a cohesive exhibition, through the various tools and or processes utilized by the artists—be it crayons, color pencil, charcoal, graphite, ink, watercolor, paint, lithography, mezzotint, engraving, intaglio, relief, monotypes, or screen-print.  The 38th Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition offers as a glimpse into the artists creative process as well as their ability to share their vulnerability, strategies, and research & practice as a cultural contribution to our society. 

Please visit Tyanna Buie’s personal website for more information about her work

Buie will be giving a public talk on March 9, 2023 at 5:00pm in the Horowitz Auditorium as part of our regular Visual Voices Lecture Series. She will provide insights into her selection process for this year’s exhibition and a bit about her own practice.