Postcard from Home (WEEK News 25)

When you think of England, you may think of the Queen, Buckingham Place, fish and chips, tea and cricket. In Postcard from Home, Bob Jacobs shows us another British import – one that is making a big difference in the lives of Bradley University Art and Design Students – Gary Will.



One of a series of endorsements/testimonials for the programs offered at Bradley University’s College of Communications and Fine Arts. This particular one coming from TJ O’Neil (14) talking primarily about the Graphic Design program as well as the excellent Study Abroad program offered through the university. In Tom’s case – London UK. Additional testimonials and more information about the Art Program can be found at

Solo Exhibition (Gallup NM)

‘The eight faces of Cecil’ is a personal insight, and a tribute to somebody who had to deal with Schizophrenia throughout their life. An on-off balance of genius and talent versus anti-social paranoia. The eight prints present alternative ‘faces’ of Cecil, both positive and negative. A visual narrative of this ongoing battle.