The Sateré Mauwé

The Sateré Mauwé
A visual narrative by Gary N. Will

In March 2012 Riverside Community Church in Peoria IL sent a mission team to Manaus, Brazil. Working in collaboration with the locally based Ray of Hope, Central Church and Wings of Help organizations, the mission’s purpose was to minister to the indigenous Sateré Indian community of the Vila Nova village, on the Maraú lake, and also to supply humanitarian aid, as well as help to construct a new church building.

I was invited to join the mission during my sabbatical. As well as ‘pitching in’ with the everyday activities of the team, and equipped with just a ‘point and shoot’ camera, (to capture the spontaneity of the moment), my main purpose was to visually narrate the characters of Manaus, the rainforest and, in particular, the Sateré people themselves (with an unapologetic biased towards recording the lives of the beautiful children of the village!)

Solo Photography Exhibition
SEPTEMBER 14th until 28th 2012
Warehouse Gallery One. Prairie Center of the Arts. Peoria IL

Accompanying book, available to purchase at the link below: