Brainstorming exercises – one class to go

20110208-010841.jpgUnfortunately the snow storm really messed up class days, and this course in particular missed out on two valuable face time critique sessions because of it. So with only one week left before the deadline for all ten brainstorming exercises I was quite excited to see what my students were ‘bringing to the table’ today.

Of course I hadn’t allowed for the mass snot fest running rampant through the university right now (that’s what happens when you go sledding in a t shirt at 11 o clock at night in a blizzard, people!), so consequently half the class was off sick and several of those who made it weren’t exactly glowing pictures of health 🙁

Anyway, enough griping. Some great ideas on show and the level of execution was again, pretty nice (remember, the purpose of the exercises is to 1) push creativity beyond the obvious/predictable outcomes and 2) to raise the level of mark making/execution high enough so that the students can then apply it to future graphic design projects instead of presenting initial ideas on scrappy bits of paper with undistinguishable images on them.

Here are a few of today’s brainstorming exercises:

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