‘Barfly’ linocuts finished… finally!

Number four finished (Wisdom)… finally. This final image of the series took a lot longer than I was aiming for due to a variety of unforeseen ‘obstacles’, but now I can put them all aside for a few days, hopefully printing them next week sometime. Really looking forward to seeing how they turn out, but also concerned that I may have to cut into them some more/deeper as there is a lot of pretty shallow gouging on all of them and the ink may pick up on areas not supposed to be printed as well as miss details that are too fine to hold ink.

Also, I’m only planning a print run of maybe five or six editions of each one in the series… watch this space.


‘Barfly’… Three of four

Well, I was pretty much on track to complete one a week until a wonderful cold bug swept through the household. Consequently I had to take a day off last week for myself, another for my grandson, and even when I was in the studio working it’s hard to cut detail between coughs and sneezes! Anyway, pretty much over it all now, but the third of the series, ‘Humor’ (below) has run into this week to complete. It didn’t help when the inner monologue in me suggested giving one of the guys in the piece a striped shirt!

So, one more to go (Wisdom) and then hopefully the fun part of printing over the next week or so – although my paper hasn’t arrived yet 🙁

‘Barfly’… still going strong!

Two of the four ready to print and the third in the series about a third cut. I want to print the whole set together to ensure a consistency, so another week or so and they should be good to go – exciting! Still an issue with my over detailed compositions. I really should have reduced them more than I did, but as I’m over 50% through them, I’ll just persevere!

Nothing really new to show here, although the angle and light of these two shots of #1 (Ignorance) and #2 (Knowledge) does really emphasize the gouge marks nicely.

‘Barfly’… gouge, gouge, gouge

One and a third out of the set of four cut. Such a lot of detail in each one (my fault, I know!) that they are taking a lot longer to gouge than I initially thought. A combination of not always being clear where exactly I need to cut, a sore neck from leaning over, and procrastinating…. sorry, I mean researching 😉 anyway, here is a photograph of progress. Now back to work, I suppose.