London (it’s that time again!)

So here we go again, the ‘every two years’ jaunt to ‘Blighty’ for the J Term.

Two things of note here: 1. It’s my largest group of students – a class of 12 juniors and seniors, and 2. Using my smallest equipment to deliver the class yet – a palm projector coupled to an iPad mini, with a portable pair of speakers. It’s my aim to eventually deliver my syllabus (primarily three big Keynote/Powerpoint presentations) using just my iPhone and a palm projector – getting closer!

So we only arrived around 8am this morning after the usual long but incident free journey from Chicago O Hare to Heathrow (actually, I took the charter bus from Peoria, so add another three hours travel time onto that.

Thank goodness for phone charges built into buses these days). My students were a little weary but still good to go for a few more hours until the ‘crash’ finally kicks in.

The Imperial Hotel still looks good with it’s Christmas decorations hanging on for dear life as the new year kicks in.

A relatively ‘gentle’ first day with the only two things on my agenda being to take my class out on the tube… and then leave them to find their own way home. It’s just a bit of tough love. They’ll thank me for it – at least those that make it back to the hotel will 🙂 The second thing was purely personal – to sit down in one of my favorite pubs with an English lunch and a pint of finest – in this case, a pint of Directors. Everything gets busy tomorrow, so nice just to relax for one day at least.