Class Time, Fun Time and the Amazing IWM

Alarm worked – thank goodness!

Day two of the class, and getting into our stride now. A lot of fun teaching the course and hopefully, my students will get a lot out of it, which they can continue to use now and into their future.

After class a majority of the group was going to finish their homework (yes, there’s homework – I don’t give this course away 😉 and head to the British Museum – What a treat they’re in for. All that lovely plunder we took when the empire was world wide! I myself was on a mission I had been waiting for over a year – the Imperial War Museum – World War One (100th Anniversary) exhibition. I was so excited to see it, and it didn’t let me down – quite amazing! Recommend it to everybody (especially the generations who have forgotten the Great War even happened! Is it even on the school curriculum anymore?)

Here are a few photographs from the exhibition (and trust me, I edited down from many more:)