Creative ‘Journey’ Process Book

Always an interesting final project for the Editorial Design students. Essentially, take all your creative process for the first three assignments of the course and use them as the content for this, final project. Display your process in a clear, sequential way, while at the same time ensuring you are presenting it as a ‘Personal’ creative journey. If the students have worked hard throughout the semester, with an abundance of ideas, from sketch to computer, then this is a really nice Editorial Design assignment to conclude the semester with – however, if they have very little thought process from their previous projects… then it gets tricky!


And here is a selection of finished Creative Process pieces:

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Pre Press Piece

Create a keepsake piece that is both a strong editorial piece and also presents a variety of pre-press steps and processes in a clearly defined and accurate way. This guide should be the ‘go to’ for any up and coming design student or young professional designer who needs to know the correct way to set up files, convert to cmyk, select paper etc.


The students worked in teams of three. Here are examples from all three finished pieces:

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Library Wayfinding System

A wonderful opportunity to work on (potentially) a real life Information Design project. In this case, the senior students had to work in teams to create a complete way finding/signage system as part of the library ongoing renovation. Initial research, including walk-throughs and a thorough understanding of the environment and foot traffic was imperative. The deadline presentations were in front of several ‘clients’ and the hopeful outcome will be the development of selected student team concepts through to the final implementation of the system throughout the library.




Here is the complete presentation from one of the teams The other two teams were equally wonderful – just not enough room to include all of them!:

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Shakespeare 400 Years. Paper Engineering

As always, once the students have an understanding and appreciation of working with grids in their editorial design, I introduce another element – paper engineering. Often considered simply ‘pop up, and children’s books, it is in fact a very sophisticated art. The brief was to create a book jacket and three paper engineered spreads for a publication celebrating 400 years of William Shakespeare.


Here are some of the results:

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GOODWILL Brand Magazine

To create a magazine that is very much about the brand – in this case, Goodwill Industries – but in an interesting, entertaining way. Required defining the audience(s), selecting stories that the audience would engage with/relate to, and then coming up with a title, masthead, cover, and three spreads (opening, image heavy one, plus two further into the story).



Here is a small selection:

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