Wayfinding Phone App for Children’s Museum




Client: Local Children’s Museum

Product: A UX/UI friendly smartphone app that maps the buildings three floors, serves as an exhibit guide (including theme-specific symbols). and connects the user to the museum and it’s activities in a way that develops and encourages a long term brand loyalty.


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Print and Digital Magazine Brief – SweatFree Communities

 SweatFree Communities

 Twice yearly (spring and fall) brand magazine (print and digital).

Background: Founded in 2003, SweatFree Communities works for a democratic and just global economy, focusing on improving working conditions in apparel and other labor-intensive global industries. Across the United States, sweatfree campaigns advocate for “sweatfree” procurement policies primarily for states, counties, cities, and public school districts.

Objectives: As part of their brand relaunch you are to design a brand magazine that is predominantly focused around SweatFree Communities and their philosophy, history, mission, events, people, affiliated services, products/merchandise etc.

Although the magazine should be a mix of ‘infotainment’, it should not simply be a fast, disposable read. Anyone picking it up, should want to keep reading and also get something ‘useful’ out of the experience rather than simply knowing that Kylie Jenner has named her rabbit ‘Bruce’! It’s more than simply getting the reader to want to buy SweatFree Communities endorsed merchandise (although that helps!). It’s about informing, education, encouraging them to become pro active – but not by presenting it all in a ‘forced fed’ way – you must have a mix of direct and indirect editorial content throughout your magazine.

Layout-Spreads 4

 To design a twice a year style magazine (print and digital) that compliments the SweatFree Communities web presence, social media and other marketing tools – but needs in no way to follow those existing design and layout models in their present forms as the organization is undergoing a complete re-branding, and, if anything, may well follow the style you develop for this project for the rest of their print and digital presence.

….. and here are a few of my students projects:

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