Creative Process Journey

Product: Present your ART 305 creative process journey for the previous three projects) in a beautiful, original editorial design piece.


Requirements: Return to your previous three Art 305 projects and narrate the process you used to create them (yep, that lack of process has come back to bite you now!) through a unique and personal editorial design piece.  This is not a simple brochure, but a very personal insight into your journey from brief to finished piece with the previous three Art 305 projects. Present the stages of your thought process for all three projects. Include text from your evaluation reports to back up the images and help visually/verbally explain your creative ‘journey’.

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Final Information Design Project

Last brief with this particular group of students. Been a pleasure teaching them over the past two years or so.


Working in teams, the objective was to create a pre-press ‘quick guide’ quality give away piece at a printing trade show that would give an accurate, easy to understand overview of pre press, file preparation, paper, printing tips and techniques etc.

Here are the three final pieces…


…followed by more examples of each one:

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