Personal Resume Package

A communication/information design piece that goes beyond the standard resume/cover letter.


One of the ongoing debates regarding student self-promotional literature is, without doubt the role of the printed resume piece versus an electronic version.

With the emphasis on getting your name ‘out there’ ahead of the crowd and emails, PDF files and url’s suiting the fast pace of the industry perfectly – it is understandable that many graphic design students are dropping the paper resume in favor of an entirely online presence. A large number of creative heads, who prefer the immediacy of this method of recruitment, reinforce this decision. Adding to this the increasing number of design houses and agencies who advertise positions through online recruitment sites and it’s easy to see why.

However, the argument for a printed-paper resume ‘experience’ can be equally convincing and it too has its advocates. In many cases any communication regarding recruitment would go via Human Resources, but what if you could circumnavigate the system and aim straight for the heart of the creative department?

If executed well, this resume ‘experience’ can stand out against the masses of daily mail, it can demonstrate a much stronger visual presence than an electronic version and it can often provoke an immediate response. If written well it can indicate an ability to work with words. And if designed well, it can be a perfect balance of information and indicator of creative capabilities.