Endangered Animal Infographics

Turtle_KatrinaMy senior students latest brief was to work on a really cool information design project. While graphic integrity and accuracy of the data/information was still their primary aim – the objectives were to select an endangered animal and present it’s ‘case’ through a visual representation (wallchart). Some really nice deliverables that didn’t lose site of the importance of presenting the facts and statistical content clearly and accurately:

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Wayfinding System

P1010255Brief: Complete presentation of wayfinding system.

Background: Riverside was able to purchase the former Shrine Theatre (the place where people ‘played in Peoria’ until the 80’s when the Peoria Civic Center was built) for only $550,000! The historic Peoria landmark with seating for close to 1,500 would now become the face of Riverside Community Church in downtown Peoria. With the help of volunteers, the building was transformed from a performance theatre into a place where people could connect with others and most importantly, connect with God.

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Summer Session/Methods & Process

TraceyWong2A nice group of students for my summer session of Art 206 Methods and Process. Essentially the same course syllabus as the spring semester version but with absolutely no time for the students to actually consider process for any of the projects!

Never the less, some nice pieces came out of the course. Here are a selection from the poster project where each student is assigned a regional company/attraction/organization, then has to create a series of posters promoting it as well as attracting outside companies to relocate to the region – however, each student also has to create in the style of an assigned designer (ranging from famous to less well known).

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Creative Process Book

Collection of process booksOne way to ‘force’ my students to have to put ideas down onto paper before reaching for their beloved computer is to have them produce a Creative Process Book as the final brief of my Editorial Design course. Essentially the content would be all their idea development from the other three projects of the fall semester. They then collate and lay out, editorially, in a clear, hierarchical, creative way. So, simply put – if a student has ‘winged it’ with any of the previous projects (in other words, minimal evidence of thought process), then it comes back to bite them with this one because they will be short of content – consequently, a low grade!

Here are a handful of pretty nice Process Books:

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