Sunday Market/last full day in Manaus

20120325-145152.jpgAnd so the last full day has come around. It has been an amazing adventure, but another day of this humidity would be hard on this British boy!

Headed to the Sunday Street market after breakfast. I had a little money and needed to use it carefully to buy some gifts for my homies. The market was cool, so many stalls with beautiful local products. I wish I had a lot more money to be able to buy more, although not sure how much would fit in my case. We spent a couple all morning strolling around shopping and taking a few more photographs, then it was lunch time. We found a nice Italian themed restaurant and relaxed with some good food and very welcome cokes. After lunch some of the team grabbed an ice cream before we all headed back to the hotel to relax and shower before the Church service tonight at 6pm.


Most of my packing is pretty much sorted out so tomorrow should be a pretty easy day of traveling – although we have an afternoon flight to Miami, followed by an overnight stay in the airport hotel (one room for the guys, two for the girls – cosy!). The next day (Tuesday) is an early flight from Miami to Detroit followed by a shortish wait there before the final flight back to P-Town and home. I’m not sure if I will post any thing much (if at all) during the journey, but how knows – if there’s anything beyond the ordinary to report then I’m on it!


Otherwise, “Tchau. Adeus de Manaus”.