Fish and Flipflops

20120317-232824.jpgStomach ache wearing off, I wrote my post while the team again had their devotions, then it was off to do a mix of sight seeing and last minute supply shopping.


First up was a really nice outdoor market full of Amazon related trinkets, jewelry, clothing etc. We spent an hour wandering around before the brief storm had us running for cover.

Next was something I was looking forward to ever since seeing Anthony Bourdain film a show from here – the fish market! Just an amazing mix of smells (mostly nasty), characters and noise.


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Supplies. Soaked. Stunned… And Stomach Aches

20120317-084004.jpgFirst full day in Manaus started with a great breakfast in the hotel including some very good coffee (everything is fine after morning coffee!) The team found a quite courtyard spot to hold their devotions’ which gave me the perfect opportunity to sit and reflect for these posts.

After loading up with my daily necessities of bug sprays, money, shades, cell (habit because the hotel is about the only place I can actually get a wifi reception), we met up in the lobby and headed into town. As we weaved through the tapestry of old colonial architecture and street stalls, several supplies were needed. First stop was to choose/buy our hammocks for the boat journey. Beautiful colors, great choices. About $20 each.

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