A day in the life of a SOCIAL MEDIA junkie

Brief: Visually demonstrate sequentially the effect/interaction/encroachment of social media over a specified period of your life.

Social media has both good and bad aspects to it. It is encouraging younger people to interact with news, politics and issues beyond what they might encounter in their day to day lives. However, there is a tipping point where people do spend too long online and are influenced the wrong way when they take on false (news) information. Yes, social media has taken over our lives, but it is the way we use it that determines whether that is a good or bad thing.

Project Goals: The specific goal is to create a data display that visually depicts how you use the variety of social media applications throughout an average day. It will culminate in a direct mail print piece that should be multi-page/multi-surface and in a format that reflects the subject/theme.