Brand Experience Team Brief #1

Once again, my friend Jim, and his colleagues at OneFire helped me with the final team brief for the Brand Experience class.

The brief was a particularly challenging one for the students:

Communications Objectives (What do we want the audience to do?
● Design and implement a strategy to create a more effective web presence that
differentiates the company and all of the products and services they sell and
attracts/converts targeted prospects, allowing them to be nurtured and converted to
● Independent insurance agents who operate in this niche should be able to easily find the company when they are searching for a carrier in this space and, once found, understand
their unique distinctions
● Update corporate positioning to support Brand distinction and align with target audience
needs (at your option, this may or may not include the update of the corporate logo, be
prepared to defend your rationale for or against updating)
● Discover and understand the buyer’s journey and use that to guide marketing strategy
and tactics
● Create an inbound/outbound growth strategy

As usual, our students didn’t let us down, despite much of the language of the brief being a little different from what they have been familiar with. Here are the presentations from the four teams. Click on to the photo to view each campaign: