Peoria Bike Hire

What’s the challenge?

(Re)Imagine the brand identity of a local bike hire scheme in downtown Peoria. This can be one that already exists, but most likely, a completely new scheme based down in the ever growing redeveloped Warehouse District.

Research the different types of schemes, then pick either a GPS, dock based or monthly lease bike scheme, depending on what makes the most sense in Peoria. This challenge is all about the brand identity for your scheme. Don’t get hung up on what makes this scheme different from others, but instead how your brand identity can encourage people to opt for a bike over other options of transport around and about Peoria.

Your brand should consider the opportunities bike hire can offer someone in your city, the experiences they’ll encounter and create an identity that sells this opportunity. Along the way your campaign message should be able to create a sense of empowerment, self-esteem, self-achievement, and a sense of ‘doing good’ for the environment and personal health of your target audience.

So many good brand campaigns came out of this one – Here are the one’s I would consider the most ‘complete’, but great job by everyone.

Allie Elster (Graphic Designer) Visual Voices Guest Lecture

Alli Elster’s career journey has brought her to a position of, Chicago-based, visual designer, specializing in branding, web, and print design projects.

Over the past ten years, she has worked on a wide range of projects, including rebranding initiatives for nationwide companies, creative digital solutions, and print rollouts, big and small. Some clients include: Nami Metro Suburban, Turano Baking Co, Connie’s Pizza, Greektown Chicago, Grounds & Hounds Coffee, and many more.

After a few years in the marketing agency world, Alli got the opportunity to be the sole designer on JB Pritzker’s gubernatorial campaign. Their team ran one of the largest digital marketing campaigns in 2018. After the campaign was over, she went back to freelancing for a while, followed by another set of political initiatives, and then returned back into the agency world at FCB Chicago, where she is a Senior Art Director, working on a newer team for Cox Communications.

With a design mantra of “Keep it simple but have fun doing it”, we welcome Alli Elster home to the hilltop.